Stuart Quirk, Ph.D.
  • Position: Clinical Faculty
  • Department: Psychology
  • Campus Address: Sloan Hall 214, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
  • Email:

Stuart W. Quirk received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Case Western Reserve University in 1999. After completing his predoctoral internship at Massachusetts Mental Health Center, he joined the faculty at Central Michigan University in 1999.

Research Interest:

I am primarily interested in emotional response in groups such as depressives, schizotypes, and the socially anxious. For example, in one current study we are examining the pupil dilation and reported emotional responses of individuals with schizotypic symptoms to emotionally evocative pictures. Preliminary results indicate that these individuals demonstrate greater synchronization between measures of their psychophysiological evaluation and reported arousal response to the evocative images. That is, they appear more in tune with their emotional reactions. I am interested in linking such laboratory findings to social behavior such as that evoked during brief stress inducing interviews or in reported social functioning. I also conduct and collaborate on research on the use of pupil dilation in lie detection, the role of normal personality scales in clinical assessment, and affective forecasting studies.

Recent Research:

Monnot, M., Quirk, S. W., Hoerger, M., & Brewer, L. (2009). Racial bias in personality assessment: Using the MMPI-2 to predict psychiatric diagnoses of African American and Caucasian chemical dependency inpatients. Psychological Assessment, 21, 137-151.

Hoerger, M., Quirk, S. W., Lucas, R. E., & Carr, T. H. (2009). Immune neglect in affective forecasting. Journal of Research in Personality, 43, 91-94.

Quirk, S. W., & Scott, J., (under review). Negative emotionality and the visual exploration of evocative images.

Muller, A. M., Quirk, S. W., Christiansen, N. D., & Nerbonne, J. (in preparation) Using emotional response and personality traits to distinguish alexithymia from depression.

Christiansen, N. D., Wolcott-Burnam, S., Janovics, J., Burns, G., & Quirk, S. W., (2005). The Good Judge revisited: Individual differences in the accuracy of personality judgments. Human Performance, 18, 123-149.

Quirk, S. W., Christiansen, N. D., Wagner, S, & McNulty, J. M. (2003). On the usefulness of measure of normal personality for clinical assessment: Evidence for the incremental validity of the NEO PI-R. Psychological Assessment, 15, 311-325.

VanVoorst, W., & Quirk, S. W. (2003). Are relations between parental history of alcohol problems and changes in drinking moderated by positive expectances? Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 26, 25-30.


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