Terry Beehr
  • Position: I/O Faculty​
  • Department: Psychology
  • Campus Address: Sloan Hall 233, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
  • Email: beehr1ta@cmich.edu
  • Vitae: Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Beehr received his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan in 1974. He held a research position at the Survey Research Center of the Institute for Social Research until 1975, engaging in organizational behavior research. He was an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Illinois State University from 1975 until 1978, when he moved to the Psychology Department at Central Michigan University. He has long term interest in several research topics, including job stress, career movement, job satisfaction and motivation, retirement, and leadership.

Research Interest:

I conduct research primarily in areas often characterized as the social psychology of organizations, including leadership, groups, motivation, attitudes, health, careers, culture, life decisions, and organizational and individual effectiveness. Two of my most active long-term research interests are older employees' decisions to retire and occupational stress.

Recent Research:

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