​​The sequencing of courses was developed (1) to provide early exposure to clinical coursework that is required prior to beginning practicum training during the fall semester of their second year, (2) to provide early exposure to courses that form the foundation of the disc​ipline, and (3) to provide additional time during the fourth year of study for meeting dissertation requirements and completing pre-doctoral internship applications.

Fall Semester Year 1
PSY 609 History and Systems of Psychology
PSY 642 Clinical Research Methods
PSY 653 Intervention I: Adult​
​PSY 657 Assessment I: Adult

​Spring Semester Year 1
PSY 510 Principles of Psychological Measurement
PSY 660 Intervention II: Child and Adolescent
PSY 658 Assessment II: Child and Adolescent
PSY 751 Psychopathology

Fall Semester Year 2
​PSY 612 Applied Multiple Regression and Correlation
PSY 850 Ethnic & Minority Issues in Therapy
PSY 785 Seminar: Cognitive-Behavior Theory
PSY 798 Thesis
PSY 790 Practicum IA

Spring Semester Year 2
PSY 611 Research Design OR PSY 613 Multivariate and Correlation Methods
PSY 765 Seminar: Ethics and Professional Issues
PSY 641 Objective Personality Assessment
PSY 798 Thesis
PSY 791 Practicum IB

Fall Semester Year 3
PSY 661 Neuropsychological Assessment
PSY 687 Physiological Foundations
PSY 624 Advanced Developmental Psychology
PSY 890 Practicum IIA

Spring Semester Year 3
Elective 1
PSY 589 Cognitive Psychology OR PSY 680 Learning
PSY 630 Advanced Social Psychology
PSY 891 Practicum IIB

Fall Semester Year 4
Elective 2
PSY 898 Dissertation Design
PSY 892 Practicum IIIA

Spring Semester Year 4
Elective 3
PSY 899 Dissertation Implementation
PSY 893 Practicum IIIB

Fall Semester Year 5
PSY 990 Internship A

Spring Semester Year 5
​PSY 991 Internship B

Total: 108 Semester Hours