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​Time to Completion

Our students typically take 6 years (5 on campus) to complete their doctorate degree requirements​

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​Our students typically receive substantial support (tuition remission and stipend) during their time on campus. Historically, we have been able to provide full support (20 credit hours remission and $10,000 to $12,000/year support) for first and most second year students with students later in the program typically receiving tuition remission and 1/2 time funding which is often supplemented by paid practicum placements.​

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We have an excellent track record of students obtaining APA accredited pre-doctoral internships. Over the past 4 years, 19 of our 21 applicants matched (91%) at APA accredited sites compared to the national average of 75%.​

Clinical-Internship Placement-Table 1 2015-2016.PNG    

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The vast majority of our students complete the program.

Clinical Attrition 2015-2016        ​​



A​dmission Data​

Our program historically receives between 100 and 140 applications per admission cycle. We typically admit 5 to 6 students per year.

Incoming students have very good GRE scores and undergraduate GPA's.​

Clinical Admissions Data​     

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Internship Sites

Here are some of ​the sites where our doctoral candidates match to complete their predoctoral internships:

Internship Sites 2007-2016:

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