I/O Psychology Application Process

Application Process
Deadline for entry in Fall 2015: January 1, 2015
Items 1 and 2 go to the Graduate school
Items 3 thru 5 need to be sent directly to the psychology department for processing. 

1. CMU College of Graduate Studies Application (Required)
Complete and submit an application with all required application materials to the College of Graduate Studies at https://apply.cmich.edu/. TOEFL Code: 1106 (Required) The College of Graduate Studies will require a statement of purpose, which is different than the personal statement required in Step #3, the Information Form.

2. Mail Official Transcripts (Required)
Mail official transcripts to: College of Graduate Studies, Central Michigan University, Foust Hall 100, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859.

3. Information Form (Required)
Complete and submit the Informatio​n Fo​rm​. Instructions for submitting this are included on the form. This form and your Vita/Resume and Personal Statement needs to be submitted directly to the Psychology Department, information below.​

4. Letters of Recommendation (Required)
Complete and submit three (3) Letter of Recommendation Forms to accompany three letters of reference. Instructions for submitting these are on the form. This form and your letters of recommendation needs to be submitted directly to the Psychology Department, information below.

5. GRE Scores (Required) (The subject portion of the GRE is not required)
You must request the Educational Testing Service (ETS) http://www.ets.org/gre to send an official copy of your GRE scores to the Department of I/O Psychology, Central Michigan University, Sloan Hall 139, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan 48859. The code for Central Michigan University is 1106 and the I/O Psychology Program Code number is 2008.

If you have any questions in regards to the above requirements please contact:
Robin Decker, Senior Administrative Assistant,
decke1rk@cmich.edu or 989-774-6463
Central Michigan University, I/O Psychology Program,
Sloan Hall 139, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859
Thank you for your interest in CMU!