​​​The deadline for receipt of all applications materials is December 1​, 2018 for the School Doctoral Program.  Minimum admission requirements include an undergraduate major in psychology or at least 15 semester hours of psychology and a 3.0 overall grade point average. A background in scientific psychology and basic research methodology including statistics and experimental psychology is strongly weighted to assure that students will be conversant with research. Students who do not meet the required 15 semester hours of basic psychology courses, but appear qualified for doctoral study, are required to remedy deficiencies as part of their initial coursework. The Doctoral Admissions Committee will identify what coursework is necessary and inform the student about remediation.​

In addition to grades and GRE scores (taken within five years of application), the Doctoral Admissions Committee is very attentive to letters of recommendation, personal statements, and relevant professional experiences. Work history, professional goals, capacity for relating to and working with other people, emotional maturity and stability, and motivation also are considered. GRE scores are viewed as one predictor of the likelihood of success in graduate study. Consequently, for applicants who already hold a graduate degree in school psychology or a related field, greater weight is given to prior graduate school performance than GRE scores.

Application Deadline

The deadline for all applications materials is December 1, 2018 for the School Doctoral Program. In addition to grades and GRE scores (subject portion not required), the Admissions Committee is attentive to letters of recommendation, personal statements, and relevant professional experiences. 

Application Process

Deadline for entry in Fall : December 1, 2018

1. CMU College of Graduate Studies Application (Required)
Complete and submit an application with all required application materials to the College of Graduate Studies at https://apply.cmich.ed​u/.
  • Apply onlinehttps://apply.cmich.edu 
  • Statement of purpose (required) for the College of Graduate Studies, this is a brief statement describing your purpose and general plans for graduate study at CMU. It needs to be only 200-300 words in length. It may include information about activities and achievements which are related to your proposed field of specialization as well as your career plans after graduation. The Department of Psychology requires a personal statement which is a very detailed paper and is explained on the Information Form, Item #2 on this page, see below.
  • Transcripts (required) should be sent to the College of Graduate Studies, Central Michigan University, 802 Industrial Drive, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858
*Please note that "Track My App" online is not updating properly at this time.  It may show that you are missing documents that have already been submitted.
The following items are required and need to be sent to the Department of Psychology, Sloan 139, Mt Pleasant, MI 48859 or via email: psyapps@cmich.edu​ 

2. Information Form (Required)​
Complete and submit the Information Form. Print and send this completed form along with attachments to psyapps@cmich.edu or mail it to: Central Michigan University, School Psychology Program, Sloan 139, Mt Pleasant, MI 48859

3. Letters of Recommendation (Required)
Three letters of recommendation are required, please complete the top portion of the Letter of Recommendation form and have your letter writers submit this form with their letter of recommendation.

4. GRE Scores (Required) (The subject portion of the GRE is not required)
You must request the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to send an official copy of your GRE scores to the Department of School Psychology, Central Michigan University, Sloan Hall 139, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan 48859. 

  • The code for Central Michigan University is 1106 
  • The School Psychology Program Code number is 3406​.
​We encourage all applicants to be familiar with APA's Rules for Acceptance of Offers for Admission and Financial Aid. Click here to view the APA web site: www​.apa.org

If you have any questions in regards to the above requirements please contact:

Betty Schulte, Administrative Assistant,
schul4bl@cmich.edu​ or 989-774-6463
Central Michigan University, School​ Psychology Programs,
Sloan Hall 139, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859
Fax number: 989-774-2553​

Thank you for your interest in CMU!