​The program faculty are actively engaged in teaching, research, and service in the field of School Psychology. All faculty mentor students throughout the program. Individual faculty websites highlight their interest areas and accomplishments.

Daniel Drevon, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, and Licensed Psychologist. ​ Central Michigan University in 2011.  Research interests include: Academic and behavior interventions for school-age children, single-case design, psychoeducational assessment, and natural mentoring relationships.

Timothy S. Hartshorne, Ph.D., Professor and SASP Advosor, University of Texas at Austin in 1979. Research interest include: Understanding challenging behavior in children with CHARGE syndrome, a relatively rare genetic syndrome with multiple affects.

Michael Hixson, Ph.D., Professor, Program Director, and Practicum Coordinator, Western Michigan University in 1999. Research interest include: Curriculum-based measurement and its use in a problem-solving model.

Sandra Morgan , Ph.D., Associate Professor and Doctoral Internship Applications Coordinator, Central Michigan University in 1999. Research interest include: Assessment and treatment of academic and behavioral problems.

Katrina Rhymer , Ph.D., Professor, and Licensed Psychologist. Mississippi State University in 2000. Research interests include: Examining empirically-validated academic interventions with children especially in relation to general anxiety, test anxiety, and math anxiety.