Student Research Opportunities
I. David Acevedo-Polakovich SL 206
Applied youth development; cultural competence in service organizations; community psychology
MPSS Advisor
Jane Ashby SL 137 6473 Skilled word recognition, reading disabilities, neurocognition of reading and language, and reading development
Renee Babcock SL 228 6469 Life span development psychology, cognitive aging, and cross-cultural differences in worry and stereotypes
Richard Backs HP 2180 6497 Human Factors, psychophysiology, aging, attention, and emotion
Terry Beehr SL 233 6466 Job stress, retirement, leadership, and careers
Director - Industrial/Organizational Psychology Graduate Program
Sharon Bradley-Johnson SL 232 6480 Low-incidence disabilities, educational diagnosis/intervention and infant assessment/intervention
Neil Christiansen SL 223 6495

Personality in the workplace, personnel selection, and structural equation modeling in I/O psychology
IOPA Advisor 

Stephen Colarelli SL 235 6483 Personnel psychology, evolutionary psychology and influence on HRM utilization
Gary Dunbar HP 2182 3282 Behavioral neuroscience and stem cell and pharmacological treatment of brain damage and neurodegeneration diseases
Neuroscience Program Co-Director, Neuroscience Advisor, CNS Advisor
Bryan Gibson SL 213 6487

Self presentation, smoker-nonsmoker interaction, and psychology of gambling
Director - Experimental Psychology Graduate Program

Kyunghee Han SL 103 6496 Scientific study of culture, quantitative methods, psychological test/scale development, and evaluation
Timothy Hartshorne SL 215 6479 Low-incidence disabilities, CHARGE Syndrome, disability and the family, therapeutic interventions, issues around loss
SASP Advisor
Mike Hixson SL 224 6462 behavior analysis, direct instruction, precision teaching, behavior development, curriculum-based measurement
Susan Jacob SL 104 6477 Ethics and law in school psychology, GLBTQ youth issues
Mel Jaffa SL 201 6478 Attitudes, interpersonal behavior, emotionality and arousal, personality, obesity; cigarette smoking
Carl Johnson SL 234 6493 Sleep disorders, applied behavior analysis, organizational behavior management
Kyle Scherr      SL 229 6490 Psychology and law
Elizabeth Meadows SL 209 6499 Anxiety disorders, especially posttraumatic stress disorder and panic disorder
John Monahan SL 212 6491 Perception, word and pattern perception, perceptual structure, attention, and illusions
Director-Undergraduate Psychology Programs
Sandra Morgan SL 222 6484 Academic and behavioral assessment/intervention, and pediatric consultation
Director - School Psychology Graduate Program, SASP Advisor
Larissa Niec SL 204 6471 Child clinical; parent-child interactions; child conduct problems; dissemination of evidence-based treatment; child maltreatment
Kimberly O'Brien SL 226 1310 Job stress, organizational citizenship behavior, counterproductive work behavior, mentoring, and emotional abuse
Hajime Otani SL 101B 6461 Human memory and cognition
Chair of the Psychology Department
Director - Life-span Development Research Center
Debra Poole SL 231
4349 Basic language/cognitive/social development in children related to social issues and forensic psychology
Matt Prewett SL 203 
Team performance management: staffing, training, group motivation, and performance appraisal
Stuart Quirk SL 214 6486 Emotional processes, personality disorders, and assessment
Mark Reilly HP 2176 2343 Experimental analysis of behavior, operant/respondent conditioning, quantitative models, animal learning, behavioral pharmacology, and substance abuse
Neuroscience Advisor
Katrina Rhymer SL 138 6468 Academic, behavioral assessment/intervention, and pediatric consultation
Donna Ronan HP 2105 2284 Psychology of women; health psychology
Director - Psychological Training and Consultation Center
George Ronan SL 202 6476 Personal problem solving, violence and aggression, and clinical research methodology
Michael Sandstrom HP 2179 2881 Brain plasticity, compensatory neuronal activity, and behavior associated with deteriorative diseases such as using animal models
Neuroscience Program Co-Director, Neuroscience Advisor
Reid Skeel SL 136 6485 Ecological validity of neuropsychological assessment; cognition and medication adherence; influence of affective variables on cognitive performance; decision-making and risk-taking; malingering
Director - Clinical Psychology Graduate Program, CSA Advisor
Roger Van Horn SL 205 6498 Human development and developmental changes in cognitive and psychosocial
Psi Chi Advisor
Nathan Weed SL 227 6482 Psychological assessment; validation of clinical inferences from psychological tests; the MMPI-2, MMPI-A, and MMPI-2-RF


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