Volunteer Opportunities for Psychology Students

The Mt. Pleasant area offers a number of volunteer opportunities for psychology students.  Volunteering offers a chance to help others, explore your interests, gain valuable educational or job related experience, grow as a person, and increase your competitiveness as a job applicant.  Moreover, some graduate program admissions committees consider volunteer experience when evaluating applications.  Opportunities are available to work with all age groups.  Examples include the following:

Adult Literacy Tutor Friendly Visitor for Seniors
After School Tutor Big Brother Big Sister
Crisis Intervention After School Mentoring Program
Crisis Phone Line Worker Peer Advocate for Healthy Living


The primary resource for students interested in volunteering is The Volunteer Center at CMU.  The Volunteer Center compiles a comprehensive list of area volunteer opportunities so that students can find a match for their interests and skills.  Sign up on line and search for opportunities that appeal to you at www.stulife.cmich.edu/volunteer/ or visit them on campus at the following address:


The Volunteer Center
Bovee University Center 107
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859

Telephone ─ (989) 774-7685
Email ─ volunteer.center@mail.cmich.edu

Many students find a placement by contacting the following agencies directly:

Listening Ear (a crisis line)
107 E. Illinois
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
Phone (989) 772-2918
ten sixteen

The Volunteer Center of Isabella County                                             
402 S. University Ave.  
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858                           
Phone (989) 772-6194                               

United Way of Isabella County   
402 S. University Ave.
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
Phone (989) 773-9863 

Summit Clubhouse of Community Mental Health

The following information regards Volunteer Opportunities available this school year at the Summit Clubhouse of Community Mental Health for Central Michigan (CMHCM).  The Summit is a psychosocial rehabilitation day program for adults with chronic or persistent mental health conditions.  The charge to the Summit is to assist members in seeking a better quality of life:  increased level of independence, improved communication and relationship skills, mental health recovery, and the pursuit of education or employment experiences.

All members are currently consumers of CMHCM services.

The clubhouse is a therapeutic environment but does not offer therapy.  Therefore, it is often best suited to undergraduate student volunteers.

The Summit is a flexible member-driven program in which staff, members, and volunteers work side-by-side to ensure the daily function of the clubhouse.  The clubhouse model is an evidence-based practice.

* Volunteers at the Summit complete an application process, a two-hour orientation to the clubhouse, and then engage members in the activities of the day.

The clubhouse is able to work with up to 7 volunteers at a time and volunteer turnover is usually 2-4 weeks.  This allows new applicants to volunteer within a short amount of time.  The application process takes 1-2 weeks - complete with criminal background check.

If this opportunity is of interest to you and think will benefit you in your education pursuit, I am your contact person (Joel Studebaker, Clubhouse Manager) at (989) 317-3330 - 8am-3:30pm M-F.

 ​Have a Great School Year!  We look forward to meeting you...​