Driving Evaluation, Education, and Research Center



The DEER Center is currently on hiatus and will reopen soon.

The Center for Driving Evaluation, Education, and Research (D.E.E.R. Center) is located in Anspach Hall 003​ on the campus of Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Mich. The D.E.E.R. Center is a part of the College of Humanities, Social, and Behavioral Sciences.​

The mission of the D.E.E.R. Center is to provide clinical services to​ evaluate cognitive fitness to drive, to provide education to improve driver safety, and to conduct research on driver safety. 

​The D.E.E.R. Center is a place where persons can come to have their driving ability evaluated to determine if they are safe to continue or resume driving, or are ready to begin driver training.  The center is also a place where multidisciplinary research on attention and driving is conducted. The center has the AAA Michigan Driving Simulator for use in evaluation and research.