‚ÄčNicole Reda came to the lab as a McNair Scholars student. This program, named for the astronaut Ronald McNair who died in the Challenger Space Shuttle explosion, is designed to assist high ability students from underrepresented and first generation/low income backgrounds to prepare for graduate work in their field. Nicole was interested in attachment theory, and so we decided to apply that to the experience of children with CHARGE. Tim had already done a pilot study on the topic in the past, and so we were able to build upon that in the design of Nichole's study. The hardest part was to figure out a way to have parents identify the attachment style of their child. Nicole was very creative in developing a strange situation simulation approach that parents could use.
Nicole is presently pursuing a Master's Degree (LLCP and NCC) in Counseling at Oakland University with a specialization in school counseling. She plans to graduate in December of 2008. She is also working full time for Pioneer Behavioral Health as the Quality Manager. She does the quality assurance for the Detroit Behavioral Institute (adolescent residential treatment facility), the Detroit-Wayne County Community Mental Health Response Line (MI and DD Network Assignments), the Juvenile Assessment Center (case evaluation and enrollment), Wraparound (Wayne County funding band assignments), Credentialing (MHP and CMHP), and also oversees the Tobacco-Free Me Program (Phone and web-based counseling for DoD).


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B.S., Central Michigan University