Student Comments

Thank you for always making the best of a stressful day. You are very good at keeping a positive attitude toward things and turning weaknesses into strengths. It has been great working with you and I truly believe this experience has prepared me for what lies ahead. You will be missed.

We appreciated our supervisor's use of comedy on an everyday basis. We not only gained much knowledge from supervision, but we had a blast along the way! Thanks!

What I appreciate the most is that they treat every one with such dignity , always.

I appreciate that she had enough confidence in me to let me work independently. I also appreciate her guidance and sense of humor! Thank you too, CMA, SASW for making this such a great placement!

I appreciated the way I was made to feel immediately accepted and treated as and equal and not just as and intern.

We appreciate having a variety of workers to learn from. They all had different interview styles, and we will take these techniques in our future careers.

Well, first I would say that I appreciate the agency itself for allowing me to learn the the help of its employees, especially their social worker. They just seem to be very helpful toward allowing students to do their internships at their facility. My F.I. was great. She has shown patience with me in my leaning process, she's included me in every aspect of the job, and has just been an enjoyable to learn from and work with. As she has told me many times, I am learning from the BEST!!!

I appreciated the encouraging, friendly atmosphere and the willingness of the agency and my instructor to place the ideas and opinions of the kids first.

I appreciate how helpful my field instructor had been throughout the semester. I appreciate how willing she has been to answer my questions and help me at the agency.

A great characteristic about my placement is that someone is always available if you need help or advice. Whether it is the supervisor or service workers, there is always someone who is willing to lend a hand. My field instructor has a great sense of what social work is. She offers great advice fro a social work perspective while keeping ethics and values in mind. I will miss everyone!