Student Social Work Association

The primary goal of the association is to enhance the learning experience of those students with an interest in the social work profession, through workshops, guest speakers, and networking. The secondary aim is to provide information and support for one another and the community, through membership and community projects.


Requirements for Membership

  • Members must have a genuine interest in social work.
  •  Members must maintain regular attendance at weekly meetings.
  • No more than three unexcused absences will be permitted.
  • Members must attend at least two socials, two fundraisers, and two service projects each semester to remain an active member.
  • Membership dues are: $25.00 a year or $15.00 a semester.
  • Membership dues must be paid by the date specified each semester.

Examples of possible SSWA activities

  • Attend biweekly meetings Host films series which address important social issues li>
  • Take field trips,
  •  Host guest speakers from various fields of social work
  • Contribute to the community of Mt. Pleasant by volunteering
  • Host fundraisers
  • Travel to conferences
  • Host resume workshops
  • Keep files of volunteer opportunities
  • Keep files of social work graduate programs
  • Act as liaison with Social Work Faculty
  • Make great friendships and have fun, fun, fun… 

Any questions about SSWA can be addressed to the Student Social Work Association at