Getting Started

SWK100 to learn more about the profession. This will also help you start the process for admission and explore your interests in social work.

Meet with a social work advisor. They will help you figure out what your schedule might be and find out more about how to apply to the program.

Go to to get more information about the profession.


If you are interested in social work at CMU,  please send an email with your name, phone number and email address to to request an appointment or call the office at (989) 774-2690, or click here.


The social work program office is located in Anspach Hall room 034. Anspach Hall is on Washington Street between St. Mary's Church and Pearce Hall. Enter the classroom portion of the building.  Social work offices are on the lowest level, by the elevators.

Transfer Equivalency

Use this guide to help you determine what classes will transfer to CMU.