Summer Volunteering Sites

Summer is a great time to explore volunteer opportunities at agencies which are open year round.  Students can inititate contact with agencies they know of or check here to find agencies who have notified us they are looking for volunteers.

New Dawn Shelter, Gladwin MI (Posted 6/12/2015)

Starfish, Inskster, MI (Posted 6/5/2015)

Laurels, Mount Pleasant, MI (Posted 4/28/15)


All students are required to complete a minimum of 100 hours of volunteer experience. At least 50 hours of those must be completed by the end of the semester of application to the BSW program. The remainder will be completed before enrolling for SWK321, typically taken in the spring semester, junior year.


The volunteer experience has several purposes. First, it provides each student with the opportunity to see first hand the types of services, agencies, and experiences that may be part of being a social worker. Second, it allows students to directly test their interest in social work. Third, it provides experience for students as they advance through social work classes. Finally, a reference by the supervisor is required for admission, providing social work faculty valuable insight into the appropriateness of each student for the profession of social work.


Agency List

We've created a printable list of agencies and prior contacts. This is only a sample of the volunteering that has been done in the past. Students should use their own resources to find a suitable site for volunteering.

Any agency in need of volunteers is encouraged to email us at swk@cmich.edu. Please indicate the nature of the volunteering, start and end date for the posting, location of the agency/program, and contact information. This information will be made available to students looking for volunteer opportunities.

CMU Volunteer Center

The Volunteer Center keeps a log of all the volunteering that CMU students do. The Center offers support for alternative break programs, awards, scholarships and grants, as well as official documentation of student volunteer efforts. Social work students will want to discuss what volunteer experiences can count toward the social work major with their advisor.

Current Trips

Contact the social work program to see if any trips are currently planned at (989) 774-2690. CMU's Volunteer Center may have trips available at http://volunteer.cmich.edu/.

Past Trips

  • Romania (2008): Students volunteer to build homes during spring break
  • New York (2008): Students volunteer in New York City read more
  • Dominican Republic (2008): Students start a "Teach Corps" program at an orphanage read more
  • Mobile, AL (2007): Students revitalize a home damaged by Hurricane Katrina
  • Pascagoula, MS (2006): Students rebuild homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina

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