​Grad Fair

Representatives from a number of MSW programs around the country come to answer students’ questions and to meet individually with students to discuss graduate admissions​ to their schools of social work.

CMU and You Day

Social Work Faculty are available to talk to prospective freshmen to the CMU campus. This event is sometime in the fall, and is announced through the CMU homepage. Social Work students involved in this event are often readily available to talk about the social work program.

Social Work Program Orientation

Periodic information meetings are held for students who wish to inquire about the expectations of the program. Students are encouraged to attend an orientation before applying to the program. Topics covered include admissions, rights and responsibilities of students, volunteering, SSWA and other Social Work Program policies. Students will receive their student handbook at this mandatory meeting.


Applications for admissions into the social work program are due the first Friday in March for sophomores or the Third Friday in October for juniors. It is recommended that students apply in the spring.

Social Work Field Orientation

Students are required to attend a field orientation the semester before they are going into field, which is normally the senior year. During their field orientation, students learn about the different field placements as well as their rights and responsibilities as an intern. Students should download the field manual before attending the meeting.

Alternate Break Opportunities

Students may organize a trip to aide target populations. All trips must be approved by faculty advisors to count towards the required volunteer hours.

SSWA Meetings

The Student Social Work Association meets regularly. Students interested in joining can attend meetings or sign up via email at sswa@cmich.edu.


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