Anthrop​ologyAndrea Ost

​Andrea Ost is an anthropology major who spent a summer getting real-world archaeology experience at the historic McGulpin Point Lighthouse and the former Mount Pleasant Indian Industrial Boarding School site. 

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Andrea Goudie

​ ​Andrea Goudie is pursuing a minor in Anthropology. She says internships help you discover the world. She completed an internship with St. Vincent Catholic Charities working in refugee services.

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Jennifer Webb

Anthropology major Jennifer Webb used a 3D printer to create exact replicas of Homo naledi fossils found in a South African cave. She is completing an internship in forensic anthropology with Servicio Medico Legal de Chile in Santiago, Chile. 

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​Josh Weirick is an English major who works as a consultant at the CMU Writing Center and a tutor for the CMU English Language Institute. 

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​Environmental Studies &
Political Science

Meghan Marx

Meghan Marx is a double-major in Environmental Studies and Political Science. In 2015, she completed a waste reduction and sustainability project with the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort.

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​French & Political Science

Jami Watson
With a major in French and a minor in Political Science, Jami Watson plans to pursue a graduate degree in intercultural communications on her path to a career in diplomacy. She spent one semester studying abroad in France and will spend her last semester at CMU studying abroad in Japan. 

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Joseph Moore
​History major Joseph Moore says your experiences outside the classroom will help shape you and that faculty & staff are here to help you succeed.

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Master of Public Administration

Jonathan Schuler 


Jonathan Schuler is a Master of Public Administration graduate who is interested in pursuing a law degree to work in international relations. 

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Tia Hall

Tia Hall is a neuroscience major who is conducting research on Alzheimer’s disease. Tia wants to get a doctorate to conduct human research, which is the final leg of research before it becomes a treatment. Tia never imagined that she would be interested in neuroscience, but once she discovered the power of research she was hooked.

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Hannah Brinkman​Hannah Brinkman is a double major in neuroscience and chemistry. Studying abroad in South Korea helped her learn new perspectives about her view of the world.

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Political Science & Philosophy
Ty Hicks

​Ty ​Hicks is a political science major and philosophy minor who completed a Professional Advancement Fellowship hosted by Students for Liberty in Washington, D.C.

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Political Science
Donovan Watts

​Donovan Watts is a political science major who completed an internship with Michigan Sen. Bert Johnson. 

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Josh Finch

​Josh Finch is a psychology major and religion minor. He says CMU faculty members helped him discover which programs best matched his interests.

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Emileigh StollAs a first-generation college student, psychology major ​Emileigh Stoll wasn’t entirely sure what she could expect when she started school at CMU. What she found was a home. Emileigh is an honors student a​nd a recipient of the Centralis scholarship

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Social Work & Sociology

Andrew Saleh 

Andrew Saleh is a double-major in social work and sociology programs and a mentor for College 101. He has a real passion for helping prepare middle and high school students for college. Andrew is confident his education and many volunteer hours have prepared him to enter the workforce and fulfill his goal of working with Child Protective Services and family counseling.

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Heather Syrette

​Heather Syrette is pursuing a major in Social Work and minors in Psychology and Youth Studies. She volunteers through the CMU-Niijkewehn youth mentoring program.

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Sociology: Social and Criminal Justice Concentration & Psychology

​Maya Green is a double-major in psychology and sociology with a concentration on social and criminal justice. She completed an internship with Glebe Youth Service, a nonprofit organization located in an Aborigine suburb of Sydney, Australia.

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Student Government Association
Marie Reimers

​Marie Reimers is a triple major in three CHSBS programs: women's studies, political science, and sociology. She was the 2013-2014 Student Government Association president. She has an interest in nonprofit advocacy for women’s issues and hopes to pursue law school after she com​pletes her undergraduate at CMU.

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​Cody Wilson is an Honors Program student who double majors in philosophy (CHSBS) and biochemistry (CST), while balancing his time as a Service Ambassador with the CMU Volunteer Center.

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Student Opportunities 

Archaeology Field School

As part of their Archaeological Field Methods summer course, 10 anthropology students traveled to the historic McGulpin Point Lighthouse in Emmet County to dig up the building's storied history. [View news story]



CMU students were given a chance through a forensic anthropology class to investigate a fictional crime scene outside of Anspach Hall. Taught by Cathy Willermet, anthropology faculty member, she led her students through gathering evidence, photographing, and investigating the scene as part of the exam​.


Internships in State Government

The Capitol City Internship Program at CMU provies real-world experiences in Michigan legislative, executive, state and special interest offices. Katilyn Alexander, a double-major in public administration and biology, completed an internship in Lt. Gov. Brian Calley's office. Darrin Scholten, a political science major ​with a concentration in public administration and a minor in legal studies, completed an internship with State Representative Daniela Garcia. Read more here.


​Model UN

Each spring, CMU students travel to New York City to participate in simulations of United Nations committees. They earn course credit by enrolling in a Model UN lab taught on campus by political science & public administration professor David Jesuit. Check out the video of this amazing opportunity below! To learn more about Model UN at CMU, visit the Model UN website.

Study Abroad

Students fr​om CHSBS love to travel the world and learn about other cultures. Central Michigan University offers study abroad programs--many taught in English--in more than 40 countries. See what students have to say about their study abroad experiences! [View student study abroad​ blogs]


Wellspring Literary Series

A partnership between the English Department and the creative writing program at Central Michigan University and the Art Reach Center of Mid Michigan, the Wellspring Literary Series provides a forum for the community to hear the work of established and emerging regional writers as well as works-in-progress by CMU writing students and faculty writers. The Wellspring Literary Series also features music performed by students and faculty members from the CMU School of Music, as well as local musicians. Events are hosted monthly at the Art Reach Center in downtown Mount Pleasant, Michigan.​​