Centre international d'Etudes Françaises (CIDEF) 

  • CIDEF is affliated with the University Catholique de l'Ouest (l'UCO) in Angers, France.
  • Teachers personalize education to fit students' needs.
  • Students may also take non-CIDEF classes with French students at l'UCO if they meet certain requirements.
  • Located in the Loire Valley and in close proximity to its beautiful chateaux.

Fall Semester: September - December

Spring Semester: February - June
Summer Sessions: July or July-August

Approx. cost Semester: $3500
Summer: $1750
Transportation and CMU enrollment fee not included.
All meals included in summer.
Credits Semester: 15 credits
Summer: 4 or 8 credits
Housing Room and breakfast with family. In summer,
dinner also with family and lunch at the CIDEF.
GPA 2.5 overall
Scholarships Edana DuGuay Scholarship: $750
CMU International Programs Awards: $200-$600
Contact Christi Brookes
Pearce 305