The Master of Arts in Spanish requires 30 hours of graduate credit:

  • 21 credit hours of course work to be completed with CMU
  • 6 credit hours through one summer study-abroad program in Spain (optional)
  • 3 credit hours through a comprehensive examination


Course offerings vary each semester. Credit values are listed in parentheses:

SPN 610    Studies in U.S. Latino Cultures (3)
SPN 620    Cultures and Literatures of Spanish America (3)
SPN 630    Culture and Literature of Spain (3)
SPN 640    History of the Spanish Language (3)
SPN 650    Stylistics (3)
SPN 660    Spanish Phonology (3)
SPN 680    Study Abroad: Spain (6)
SPN 697    Independent Study (3)

After being accepted into the program, the student will write an essay (500 words on a topic chosen by the Spanish faculty) and will engage in a brief oral interview with two members of the Spanish faculty.

After course work is completed, the student must pass an interview in order to demonstrate oral proficiency. The three-credit Comprehensive Examination will be used to assess the student’s proficiency in reading texts and in writing in Spanish.

Study Abroad (Optional)​

Study abroad will consist of 6 credit hours usually offered mid-June through July. Six credits (two three-credit courses) will be taken at the Universidad de Alicante in Spain. The courses will be taught by faculty members at that institution.