​​​​Description of Graduate Assistantship for the Master of Arts in Spanish program at Central Michigan University

The graduate assistantship is contingent upon admission to the Graduate School of Central Michigan University and the Master of Arts in Spanish Program in the Department of World Languages and Cultures.

The graduate student will be a graduate assistant, which means that s/he will be an instructor of Spanish language courses at the elementary level (SPN 101 and in some cases SPN 102). The workload is 3 four-credit courses per academic year (=total of 12 credits). Usually the assistant teaches one course in the Fall and two in the Spring semester.

The student will be required to take a minimum of 5-6 three-credit graduate-level courses per academic year (Fall and Spring semesters). There are not any courses offered in the summer. Summer study abroad courses in Spain (max. 6 credits) are optional.

The assistantship is usually for two academic years.

In addition  to receiving a tuition remission for up to 20 credits per academic year (summer included), the student will receive a monthly stipend of ~$1000 to cover expenses such as housing (can be in university graduate housing), board and medical insurance/expenses.

Application Process

To be eligible for this Graduate Assistantship award a student must:

  1. Be fully admitted to the MA in Spanish Program and by the Graduate School.

  2. Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 during the GA-ship.

  3. Submit the following documents by February 1,  2017:
    • Statement of purpose.
    • Application​ form (Also available by contacting the program director)
    • Official transcripts with a minimum undergrad GPA of 3.25.
    • Two of the three confidential letters of recommendation requested for admission to the M.A. program must include the recommender's assessment of the candidate’s Spanish language level, responsibility and reliability, social skills and academic ability in the field of study, in addition to what is specified in the MA in Spanish Application Checklist​.​

  4. ​Present a short oral interview in Spanish, either in person in the program director’s office, by telephone or by Skype before February 1, 2017. The applicant must contact the director to schedule this interview.

Submit completed application to:

Spanish Graduate Director, Department of World Languages and Cultures
305 Pearce Hall
Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI 48859,
FAX to (989) 774-2323
or e-mail to Dr. María​ Chouza-Calo: chouz1m@cmich.edu​