David Banas '16

History & Mathematics major; German minor

Mike Griffin '11

German & History major

Davi​d Sellinger '14​

David SellingerGerman & French major
While at CMU, David Sellinger loved his classes in World Languages. He loved them so much that majored in both French and German, and is now in graduate school for German. He sums up the surprise experience in World Languages nicely: 

​“In my freshman year I fully intended on going into something completely different. My father was a computer programmer, and I figured I liked programming enough that I would go into that as well.  But literally my first ever class in college was German 101—and it only took a week or two to figure out that I wanted to completely switch what I was originally was going to do so that I could teach German instead. And I haven’t looked back since.”

Deyonko Thom​as ​'15

International Business major; Japanese Language Proficiency, N2 Certification

Jami Watson

Jami WatsonFrench major; Political Science minor​​
First-generation French major Jami Watson knows how to make the most of her education here at CMU. After a semester-long study abroad in Angers, France for her major, she is preparing to study abroad in Japan during her last semester at CMU. What does Jami plan on doing after CMU? She’s aiming to put all of her work in French, Japanese and political science together in a graduate program in the U.S. or in France in intercultural communications. From there, she is looking to work in diplomacy.​

“(The Department of World Languages) has given me so many tools in preparing for my future. The professors not only help with in-class learning but also spend enormous amounts of time mentoring and guiding students to success outside of class.”