Teaching and Learning Collective (TLC)

The Teaching & Learning Collective is a grassroots CHSBS faculty initiative aimed at improving students' academic performance by integrating effective learning strategies into existing classes.

TLC Workshop: Research on Texting, Attention and Learning
Friday, March 20
3:30 to 5:00 p.m.
Anspach 165

Join the Teaching and Learning Co​llective for an interactive session on the research on texting, attention, and learning. Refreshments will be served.  English faculty member Allegra Blake presents "'I am Burying Three Bodies in Your Backyard, OK?': Texting's Effect on Class Attentiveness, Retention of Material, and Morale." 

When I would notice a distracting number of students texting in class while I was lecturing, I would often end a point with “I am burying three bodies in your backyard . . .[pause] Is that okay with you?” and then note how many students shake their heads in affirmation or verbally respond “OK.”  It was often a staggering number in a small class.  

This interactive session explores the research on attention studies and offers some of the recent self-reported data gleaned from my seven years of doing an assignment that requires students to “unplug” for a week. This research reinforces TLC speaker Barbara Oakley’s research on how the brain learns. The session will include a discussion of how students and faculty could enter a dialogue on texting, given that over 50 percent of students report being distracted by another person texting in class, distracted to the point they claim it interferes with their ability to retain material and participate fully in class.  Students report that they actually don’t like classes where texting is allowed because of the distraction, but yet they admit they often text in class themselves.  They, in essence, are asking to be saved from themselves (and the bodies in their backyard). 

Please RSVP by March 18 to chsbs@cmich.edu.​​