English Is The Practical Degree

Twenty-first century employers cite empathy, critical thinking, and
strong writing skills as key to career success.

The study of literature increases our ability to think and write critically and creatively about the world. These skills lead to greater understanding about the world and the people who populate it.

Students in the department of English study language, stories, and ideas across disciplines, mastering skills all professions consider key to success and promotion:

            - communicating clearly, critically, and creatively

            - working and thinking independently

            - collaborating with colleagues and clients

            - interpreting and analyzing text, speech, and data

Our faculty understand that professional success is vital to our students. Our English majors graduate to profitable and fulfilling careers in business, education, publishing, law, information technology, and countless other fields. While preparing our students for their chosen vocations, the study of English also cultivates a love of reading, thinking, and the virtues of learning as a way of life.