School of Public Service and Global Citizenship

​The mission of the School of Public Service and Global Citizenship is to cultivate global citizenship and ethical public s​ervice by promoting innovative learning, research and active civic engagement.​

Enduring Principles

  • ​Encourage and develop creative leaders who exemplify integrity, act from a global perspective and value diversity, and​ work toward social justice
  • Engage in research, community outreach and partnerships that promote environmental and economic sustainability, justice, and innovative solutions to world problems
  • Promote public service and responsible citizenship grounded in ethical principles

Programs and Resources

​For more information, contact the School of Public Service and Global Citizenship at ​(989) 774-3822 or​​.

School of Public Service and Global Citizenship
SPSGC Announcements​

​Dr. Surface-Evans  and CRM student S.K. Haase presented on recent research at Michigan lighthouses at the annual meeting for Society for American Archaeology in San Francisco April 16th.​

J. Cherie Strachan has published a chapter on student and civic engagement in the Handbook On Teaching and Learning In Political Science and International Relations (2015 Edward Elgar).  She also presented, An Introduction to the Consortium for Inter-Campus SoTL Research and the National Survey of Student Leaders at Notre Dame University March 2015.

Thomas Greitens and J. Cherie Strachan ​attended the Multi-National Research Exchange at the Kettering Foundation March 2015. They met with a group of international scholars.