Image of Dr. Richard Rothaus
Dr. Richard Rothaus
106 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-3341

Image of Dr. Marcy Taylor
Dr. Marcy Taylor
Associate Dean,
Professor of English
106 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-3341

Student Services

Image of Julie Fortino Shurtliff
Julie Fortino Shurtliff
Director of CLASS Student Services
102 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-2361


Josh Adams

Joshua Adams
Academic Advisor
Anspach 114B
(989) 774-1121

Izzy Castellon
Izzy Castellon, MPA
Academic Advisor for Global Campus Students
CMU North
(989) 774-2036

Image of Liz Daum

Liz Daum
Academic Advisor
115A Anspach Hall

Alfred Harper

Alfred L. Harper III, M.Ed.
Academic Advisor
Anspach 115B
(989) 774-3247

Dean's Office Staff

Image of Christi Brookes
Dr. Christi Brookes
Director of Academic Initiatives
103 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-3260

Image of Sarah Buckley
Sarah Buckley
Communications Coordinator & Web Developer
114A Anspach Hall
(989) 774-1788

Image of Katy Lemorie

Katy Lemorie
Executive Secretary​
Anspach Hall
(989) 774-3341​​

Image of Brittany Sherrill Brittany Reger
Associate Director of Development
101 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-3773

Image of Kathy Rise
Kathy Rise
Director of Recruitment & Retention,
Residential College Director
106 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-3491

Image of Sue Sova  
Suzanne (Sue) Sova
Executive Secretary
112 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-1574



Image of Karen Wixson 
Karen Wixson
Coordinator of Business Services
106 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-3341




Office of Information Technology Staff

Image of Tim Gramza 
Tim Gramza
Director of Information Technology
014 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-1740



Image of Gary Lane 
Gary Lane
Technology Manager II
014 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-1229



Jason Hull
014 Anspach Hall
Technology Manager II
(989) 774-1229