Image of Dr. Richard Rothaus Dr. Richard Rothaus
106 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-3341

Image of Dr. Marcy Taylor
Dr. Marcy Taylor
Interim Associate Dean,
Professor of English
106 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-3341

Image of Dr. Cherie Strachan
Dr. Cherie Strachan
Assistant Dean
Director, School of Public Service and Global Citizenship
Professor of Political Science
106 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-3341

Professional & Administrative Staff

Image of Sarah Barnard
Sarah Barnard
Academic Advisor
114B Anspach Hall

Image of Dan Bracken
Dan Bracken​
Director of New Media Initiatives
(989) 774-6414

Image of Sarah Buckley 
Sarah Buckley
Communications Coordinator & Web Developer
114A Anspach Hall
(989) 774-1788

Image of Julie Fortino Shurtliff
Julie Fortino Shurtliff
Interim Director of CLASS Student Services
115A Anspach Hall
(989) 774-2361



Image of Morgan HalesMorgan Hales
Director of Development
101 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-1287
Email Morgan Hales

Image of Jeff Keson 
Jeff Keson
Success Coach
115 Anspach Hall​
Appointments: (989) 774-3401
Office Phone: (989) 774-2149


Image of Kathy Rise
Kathy Rise
CARRS Research/Residential College Director

Image of Tom RohrerThomas K. Rohrer
Director of the Great Lakes Institute for Sustainable Systems
102 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-7636​


Karen Wixson 
Karen Wixson
Coordinator of Business Services
106 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-3341




Office Professionals

Angie Burdett  
Angie Burdett
Executive​ Secretary
106 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-3341



Katy Lemorie

Katy Lemorie
Administrative Secretary​
1​06 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-3341​​

Sue Sova  
Suzanne (Sue) Sova
Executive Secretary
112 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-1574




Office of Information Technology Staff

Tim Gramza 
Tim Gramza
Director of Technology
014 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-1740



Gary Lane 
Gary Lane
Manager of Technology
014 Anspach Hall
(989) 774-1229