Friday, January 27, 2012
9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Bovee University Center

"The TLC Responds to Academically Adrift" was co-sponsored by the College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences (CHSBS) and the Faculty Center for Innovative Teaching (FaCIT). The conference was free and open to CMU faculty and teaching graduate students.

Conference Themes

The conference was focused on providing faculty with evidence-based best-practices and tools. Content focused on the following themes:

  • Evaluating Teaching vs. Evaluating Learning
  • Course Design
  • Institutional Challenges and Opportunities
  • Assessment Methods for Studying and Learning
  • Classroom Climate for Students from Underrepresented Groups
  • Response to Academically Adrift for Students, by Students

Participants chose from breakout workshop sessions that focus on practical teaching strategies that can be easily integrated into existing classes and that are effective without making excessive demands on teachers' time.



Speakers & Presentations

Keynote Speaker 

Peter Koper (ENG, retired)
", Student Opinion Surveys, and Academic Drift"

Concurrent Sessions:

"Hyper-Availability and Hypo-Performance: Electronic Distractions and their Impact on Student Productivity"
Allegra Blake (ENG)
"Bridging the Gap: Student-Faculty Interaction and Learning at CMU from the Perspective of the Students" 
Alyssa Chrisman, Josh Huver, Josh Lee, Lauren Paas and Paul Taylor (Student Panelists)
"Students Respond to Academically Adrift:  A Discussion with Audience Participation"
Maye Conley, Theia Easley, Justin Gawronski,  Kella Hayward, Katy Steklak and Michelle Vanhala (Student Panelists)
"How Colleges Can Help Prioritize Student Learning:  Challenges and Opportunities"
Timothy Hall (HST and CHSBS)
"Instructional Design and Faculty Expectations:  Creating Courses that Promote Student Learning"
Melinda Kreth (ENG) and Brandon Burford, Marlene Byers, Karen Horwath, and Rick Middleton (Graduate Student Panelists)
"Suggestions for Keeping Under-Represented Students from Drifting"
Ulana Klymyshyn (Director, Diversity Education)
"Of Chalk and Cheese: Should We Adapt to Student Expectations or Should Students Adapt to Ours?"
Michael Ostling (PHL/REL) and Cristen Vernon (FLLC)
"The Iron Age Brain in a College Classroom: How New Findings about Learning and Behavior Spell Success for the Academically Adrift."
Debra Poole (PSY)
"Writing to Learn: Critical Thinking and Assessment"
Mary Wendt and Steve Bailey (ENG)