The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences is an intellectual, creative and inclusive community at the heart of the university.  We are dedicated to furthering understanding of the human condition and to preparing students to engage with the societies and cultures in which we live.  


Our mission is to develop compassionate and engaged scholars who understand the human condition, communicate effectively, and appreciate the diversity of ideas and cultures in the world, in pursuit of meaningful lives and fulfilling careers.​

Enduring Principles

To achieve our mission, we are guided by the following principles.  We strive to:

  • Pursue disciplined inquiry into ideas and values that grow out of the human experience;
  • Support diversity and intercultural understanding at the university and in the community;
  • Develop ethics and integrity in our students and the community in which we serve;
  • Promote the value of a liberal arts education in all courses of study;
  • Encourage interdisciplinary programs, projects, and events which promote understanding of our complex modern world nationally and internationally;
  • Promote excellence in research and creative activities by faculty, students and staff;
  • Develop partnerships and collaborative ventures which enhance cultural awareness, the natural environment, health and well-being, social responsibility and economic sustainability;
  • Collaborate with other colleges and units at Central Michigan University and external partners to advance our mission and guiding principles and those of the university.

​The Role of the College in University Education​

In order that students may become more thoughtful citizens in our diverse society and more active participants in our changing and interdependent world, the college will help them to develop:

  • Strong writing and speaking skills;
  • Abilities to think clearly and critically;
  • Abilities to use technology in support of life-long learning;
  • Familiarity with their intellectual and cultural heritages;
  • An understanding of social, psychological, and political environments; and an appreciation of other peoples and cultures.

Strategic Plan

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