​​​​​This 18 credit hour certificate is designed for undergraduate students who desire to gain greater competency in their understanding of the peoples, cultures, and history of Europe, along with increased knowledge of European and contemporary issues, political affairs, and international relations.

18 hours chosen from the following:

Required Courses (6 hours)

Select two of the following courses:

HST 356 Europe since 1945 3(3-0)
GEO 365 A Geography of Modern Europe 3(3-0) 
PSC 347 Europe and the European Union 3(3-0)

Electives (12 hours)

Select from the following:

ANT 348 Stone-Age Europe: Peoples and Cultures of the Distant Past 3(3-0)
ANT 506/SOC 506 Comparative Cultural Systems 3(3-0)
ART 283 Introduction to Western Art, Part I 3(3-0)
ART 285 Introduction to Western Art, Part II 3(3-0)
ENG 262 Masterpieces of European Literature 3(3-0)
ENG 330 Gods, Monsters, and Immorality: Mythic Literature 3(3-0)
ENG 561 European Romanticism 3(3-0)
FRN 321WI France Today 3(3-0)
FRN 325 French Literature in Translation 3(3-0)
GER 325 Modern German Literature in Translation 3(3-0)
GER 341 German Cultural History I 3(3-0)
GER 342 German Cultural History II 3(3-0)
GER 347 German Cultural History III 3(3-0)
HST 280 Nazi Germany and the Holocaust 3(3-0)
HST 347 The French Revolution and Napoleonic Period 3(3-0)
HST 542 The Enlightenment in Europe 3(3-0)
HST 558 Europe, 1914-1945 3(3-0)
PHL 302 History of Philosophy: Modern Period 3(3-0)
PSC 375 Modern Ideologies 3(3-0)
PSC 515 Comparative Public Policy 3(3-0)
REL 313 Christianity 3(3-0)
SPN 376 Culture and Civilization of Spain 3(3-0)

Students pursuing this certificate may also complete 3 hours of independent readings or research in an appropriate discipline as an elective option with the approval of the advisor.

6-8 hours of language study in the following designators may be counted as electives in this certificate: FRN, GER, POR, SPN.

Courses selected for the certificate program must include a minimum of 9 hours at the 300-599 level.

Total 18 semester hours


Christi Brookes; World Languages; PE 314; (989)774-3786; brook1nc@cmich.edu
David Jesuit; Political Science; Anspach 247B; (989)774-2795; jesui1dk@cmich.edu
Amy Ransom; World Languages; Pearce 305; (989)774-3786; ranso1aj@cmich.edu
Daniela Richter; World Languages; Pearce 317; (989)774-2932; richt2dm@cmich.edu
Rachael Barron-Duncan; Art & Design; Wightman 167; (989)774-3235; barro1r@cmich.edu
Leila Ennaili; World Languages; Pearce 313; (989)774-3447; ennai1l@cmich.edu