​​This 18-credit hour certificate is designed for degree-seeking students in any major and non-degree-seeking students who want to become more proficient in this in-depth area of global studies, an area of expertise sought after by businesses; local, state, and federal government agencies; nonprofit and nongovernmental (NGO) organizations; health care and social service professions; and any other workplace or setting that requires people to talk across cultural differences. This certificate enhances students’ global perspectives by building upon the strengths of traditional and contemporary geographic research that emphasizes international regional studies, spatial distribution and interaction of human activities, human/environmental interactions, and geospatial analytical techniques.​​

​​​​​18 hours chosen from the following:

​Required courses I (3 hours)

Select one of the following:
ANT 170  Cultural Anthropology 3(3-0)
GEO 121  Human Geography and Globalization 3(3-0)

​Required courses II (3 hours)

Select one of the following:
GEO 312  Geography of Contemporary Global Issues 3(3-0)
GEO 346 Geography of the Developing World 3(3-0)

Electives I (6-9 hours)​​

Select two or three of the following:

GEO 315   Food and Agriculture 3(3-0)
GEO 317   Economic Geography 3(3-0)
GEO 320  Population Geography 3(3-0)
GEO 345  Political Geography 3(3-0)
GEO 355  Environmental Catastrophes 3(3-0)

​Electives II (3-6 hours)

​Select one or two of the following:

ANT 322   Cultures of Africa 3(3-0)
ANT 324   Cultures of the South Pacific 3(3-0)
ECO 281   Economic Development of the Pacific Rim
GEO 350  United States and Canada 3(3-0)
GEO 365  A Geography of Modern Europe 3(3-0)
GEO 373  Latin America  3(3-0)
GEO 385  China: Environment and People 3(3-0)
HST 237   Baghdad and Beyond: The Middle East from 600 C.E. 3(3-0)
HST 535  The Middle East in the Modern Era 3(3-0)

​​Total: 18​ semester hours


Matthew Liesch; Geography; (989)774-1205; matt.liesch@cmich.edu
Jorge Brea; Geography; Dow Hall 283; (989) 774-7638; brea1ja@cmich.edu
Tyler Sonnichsen, Geography, Dow Hall 284, (989) 774-1549, sonni1t@cmich.edu