This 16-credit hour certificate is designed for degree-seeking students in any major with an interest in exploring social justice issues, particularly as related to social, political, and economic factors affecting inequities in global health. This certificate’s focus is on the social factors affecting inequalities in global health, and developing student skills applicable to actively working for improving these factors. This certificate is not focused on health care training itself.

16 credit hours from the following

Required Courses I (10 hours)

Health Inequality Issues

ANT 205/SOC 205 Social Justice in a Global Society 3(3-0)
CGL 499 Cultural and Global Studies Portfolio Workshop 1(1-0)
COM 369 Health Communication 3(3-0)
SOC 514 Sociology of Health and Illness 3(3-0)

Required Course II (3 hours)

Activism Project 
Select one the following:
ANT 250WI Water as Life, Death, and Power 3(3-0)
MKT 599 Humanitarian Logistics Project 3(3-0)

Elective Courses (3 hours)

Select one of the following:
ANT 250WI  Water as Life, Death, and Power 3(3-0)
ANT 358 Diseases and Human Evolution 3(3-0)
ANT 520 Medical Anthropology 3(3-0)
ANT 532/SOC 532 Global Aging: Cross-Cultural Aging in a Globalized World 3(3-0)
GEO 320 Population Geography 3(3-0)
MKT 599 Humanitarian Logistics Project 3(3-0)

Total 16 semester hours


Andrea Bombak; Community Health; HPB 2238; (989)774-3607;
Anthony Feig; Geography; Dow 276; (989) 774-1166;
Keith Helferich; Marketing & Hospitality Services Administration; Smith 108B; (989)774-3875;
Steve Juris; Biology; Biosciences 3104; (989)774-3257;
Eric Linton; Biology; Biosciences 3401; (989) 774-3190;
Anja Mueller; Chemistry and Biochemistry; Dow 374; (989)774-3956;
Cedric Taylor; Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work; Anspach 129; (989)774-4462;
Cathy Willermet; Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work; Anspach 124; (989)774-3434;