Series Editor: Dr. Andrew D. Devenney (Central Michigan University)

Submission Guidelines

The Center for Learning Through Games and Simulations and Central Michigan University Press welcome submissions of pedagogical games for publication that fall within the framework of our core mission and values as part of our new series on Scholarships and Lore: Games for Learning

To submit a game to the press, please include with your submission the following:
  • A proposal identifying 
    • your contact details and professional affiliation(s); 
    • a brief description of your game (e.g., content focus, core mechanics, etc.); 
    • the game’s target audience (e.g., educational level, academic discipline, etc.);  
    • the learning objectives for the players;  
    • a justification for addressing these learning objectives via a game;  
    • a description of the ways in which the game is innovative; 
    • a summary of comparable games on this topic; 
    • a statement on why you believe that your game is suitable for publication by the press; and  
    • a list of three content experts you feel are most appropriate for evaluating your game.
  • A playable prototype of the game complete with clearly-written rules (if the submission has specialized pieces or materials, please reach out to the press editor at to determine the best way to route these materials to the reviewers); and 
  • Any pedagogical materials in support of the game (e.g., contextual class materials, lesson plans or assignments for use with the game, assessment rubrics, etc.). 
Please send your submissions to (if electronic) or Central Michigan University Press, 201 Powers Hall, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI 48859 (for any physical materials).​