Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI)

The CATI laboratory associated is a state-of-the-art interviewing system. Visit our CATI Lab website for further information on the advantages of using CATI and the ways in which it increases the quality and efficiency of survey research.

Web Surveys

CARRS has facilities and resources to conduct sophisticated web surveys using the nationally recognized Sawtooth web survey software. Web surveys are an efficient means of contacting large and diverse populations, and the Sawtooth system provides state-of-the-art options for survey design and the fielding of questionnaires.

Mail Surveys

CARRS also has the ability to conduct traditional surveys through U.S. mail. The staff at CARRS is able to help students, faculty, and non-profit and governmental agencies develop and administer mail surveys across the nation. CARRS staff can also aid in the analysis of mail surveys.

Focus Groups and Interviewing

CARRS maintains the hardware and software to implement focus groups and in-depth one-on-one interviewing with study participants. Transcription services are available, as is sophisticated computer-supported qualitative data analysis software. In addition, CARRS will train organizational staff to serve as focus group facilitators, if such training is consistent with the selected research design.