The Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) laboratory provides a unique set of benefits for collecting phone interview data. Interviewers sit at a computer workstation as the software provides the a customizable interview schedule and records completed interviews, refusals, out-of-service, and schedule callback times, telephone numbers across multiple stations.  The computer continuously monitors the sample and interviewing process and automatically dials pre-loaded telephone numbers for the interviewers.

CATI Lab software provides several advantages to data quality. Interview protocols for these studies can be more complex than mailed or online questionnaires. Options such as branching, piping, and multiple item formats allows for the most complex protocols to be automated and consistent between interviewers. Interview errors are reduced with standardized protocols in which the program prompts interviewers to follow. 

Telephone interviewing is itself of course, is a cost saver when components of the target population are widely dispersed geographically or when population densities are low. The monitoring of the cost is enhanced by the ability of the system to generate periodic reports on the progress of the study through the field phase. The strengths of the CATI system dovetail well with the research needs of administrators and researchers of CMU.

Benefits of using CATI Lab
  • Software developed specifically for not-for-profit and academic research purposes. 
  • Automated dialing allows for accurate call and preset call back times. Auto Dial allows for continuous recalling of busy numbers and call-back appointments
  • Automatically generated reports to track data quality during data collection. 
  • Works with other
For more information or cost estimates, contact the Center for Applied Research Studies at 989-774-2572 or Fax 989-774-1844. Or, contact Dr. Frim Ampaw, Professor of Education Leadership at