CMU General Education Courses that Use Game Based Learning PDF

​Jonathan Truitt, Director
​Department of History
Concha Allen
​Department of Marketing and Hospitality Services Administration
Tracy Davis
​Department of English
​Andrew Devenney
​Center for Learning through Games and Simulations
Ana Dias
​Department of Mathematics
Brittany Bayless Fremion
​Department of History
Troy Hicks
​Department of Teacher Education and Professional Development
David Jesuit
​Department of Political Science and Public Administration
Daria Kluver
​Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Jay Martin
​Department of History, Museum of Cultural and Natural History
Anja Mueller
​Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Joseph Packer
​Department of Communication and Dramatic Arts
Katie Reck
​Department of Human Environmental Studies
Wendy Robertson
​Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Mary Senter
​Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work
Jennifer Sieszputowski
​Department of Physical Education and Sport