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​There is an increasing amount of evidence that providing an intervener for a student who qualifies as DeafBlind is best practice. There are several schools across Michigan that currently employ interven​ers, but the practice is still very new. To support teams who are interested in exploring intervention, or hiring an intervener, DB Central has partnered with GIRESD to develop a demo site for the State.

GIRESD employs multiple interveners who work with students who have a range of abilities and support needs. The administration encourages interveners to pursue the national credential (see www.intervener.org for more information). They have adopted a differentiated pay scale that rewards people employed as interveners for pursuing coursework and completing all requirements. There is currently one intervener who has the national credential working at one of the Demonstration Site schools. Several other people employed at the schools have completed, or are currently enrolled, in coursework leading to the credential.

The interveners employed by GIRESD are assigned to students who range in age and ability level. People interested in visiting one or more of the schools to observe the interveners should complete and submit the Questionnaire, so that the visit is more likely to address areas of interest. Visitors will be asked to sign a Confidentiality Agreement​ in order to protect students' rights.​

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DeafBlind Intervener Undergraduate Certificate

Central Michigan University offers a DeafBlind Intervener undergraduate certificate. The program is taught in an online cohort. To learn more, visit the DeafBlind Intervener Certificate website.