At DB Central we maintain the belief that individuals who are DeafBlind share equally in the respect, opportunity, and life enjoyment afforded to all individuals. We are committed to advancing the recognition of the unique needs presented by DeafBlindness​. This is accomplished by promoting individualized, systematic instruction and family-centered planning processes.


We serve children and young adults age birth through 21 who are suspected of having both a hearing AND a vision loss or difficulty in processing auditory and visual information. Young adults ages 22 to 26 who are DeafBlind will receive referral services to adult service agencies. Students who are DeafBlind and have additional disabilities are also eligible for our services.
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Cost and Availability

Our services are FREE for families, school districts, and others who work with children who are DeafBlind. Federal funds provide a grant for this service. This program is available year-round.
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Overview of Services

Family Support

Educational Support



The project conducts an annual count of children and young adults who are DeafBlind within the state of Michigan. The census is the main instrument used to track the DeafBlind population and is conducted during the first quarter of each calendar year.

To see a Michigan county map to see where the current number children and young adults counted on the DB Central census: Click on link to print off a copy:​ 2018 Census Map by County.pdf
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Information and Referral
If you are in need of assistance with resources or support please contact us:

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