Family, teachers, and other service providers of children who are deaf-blind in Michigan may borrow books and other resources from the resource lending library for specified periods of time. Books or other resources may be loaned to an individual for up to four (4).

These resources are provided so that a family member or service provider may read and/or review the resource to determine whether or not it may be helpful to purchase. Please remember that (for the majority of the materials) we have only one copy and will therefore need that resource returned by the due date.

How to Check-Out A Resource

To check out one of the Resource Lending Library materials please contact the DB Central Staff at our office by phone: 888.758.0508 or by email: Include the name(s) of the materials you would like to borrow and the amount of time you will need them.

The book(s) or other resource will be mailed to your residence or place of business within the state of Michigan.

Purchasing Materials

​Our project does not sell any of the materials in our lending library at this time. But if you do see a book, video, or other resource that you would like to purchase for your home or school you may call our office for more information about how to reach the publisher/retailer of that particular resource. You may also try the links included below. These links are a few of the retailers or publishers from which we have purchased many of the valuable resources on our lending lists.

Web Links