Out-of-state tuition is currently $789.00 per credit hour (includes fees).

Intensive Program (Levels 1-3):

$9,468.00 (includes fees) per 16-week semester or $18, 936 for 32 weeks.  It takes one semester to complete one level.

Dual Program (Level 4):

$789.00 per credit hour for 3-13 credits (includes fees) per 16-week semester.

The number of Dual Program classes (credits) that a student is required to take depends on MSU English Language Test Placement results. Students who are conditionally accepted into academic programs of study at CMU usually take two semesters of English (one or two ELI classes per semester) along with their academic classes.  The total cost of 12 credits is $9,486.00, while 13 credits is $10,257.00.  Both of these costs include 6 credits of CMU classes (academic) and 6 or 7 credits of ELI.

Summer Sessions:

Summer session Intensive classes are 12 weeks in duration. Full-time Intensive Program students pay for 12 credit hours (20-22 hours of class per week), or $9,036.00 (includes fees).

Summer session Dual classes are 12 weeks in duration.  Tuition for each Dual Program class is $2367.00 (includes fees) for 3 credit hours, or $3156 (includes fees) for 4 credit hours.

Estimated Living Expenses*

Expenses Fall and Spring Semester
(32 weeks)
Summer 1 or Summer 2
(6 weeks)
Room and Board (based on on-campus housing and meals)** $7,668 $1,500
Books and Supplies $900 $450
Incidentals $1700 $850
Holiday Expenses $750 varies
Health Insurance***
(purchased through CMU)
(32 weeks)

*All costs are Approximated

**Dormitory and apartment housing information can be found at the Office of Residence Life.

***Health Care: CMU offers the University Health Center staffed by physicians and registered nurses, and there is a large hospital in Mount Pleasant. All international students are encouraged to carry an approved health insurance policy while they are at CMU. For information on CMU's health plan, please visit the Office of International Affairs web page.

Dual Program Completion Scholarship


Students who complete their Central Michigan University English language requirement through the English Language Institute (by completing the ELI Dual Program) may qualify for a $1,000 scholarship. This one-time scholarship will be applied towards the recipient's tuition during the next semester in which the student is enrolled at CMU. 

Who Qualifies?

  • Any student who is required to take ELI Dual Program courses based on his or her placement test scores.
  • ELI-only students can qualify if they apply for admission to CMU and are accepted before completing all of their Dual Program requirements.
  • Students must register for the semester following their completion of the Dual Program as a full-time student at CMU.  (Students who complete the Dual Program in spring semester can have their scholarship applied to the following summer or fall semester - whichever applies).
  • The Scholarship does not apply to students who complete the language requirement through taking the TOEFL, IELTS, MELAB, PTE Academic or other approved language test.

How to Apply:

Students do not apply for the award. The ELI sends a list of qualified students to the Office of Financial Aid at the end of each semester. The award will then be directly applied to the student's account after the student has registered for courses the following semester.