​​​Pre-Law at Central Michigan University

The Central Michigan University Pre-Law Ce​nter is unique as an undergraduate service. Such centers do not exist on most campuses, yet CMU has had the Law Center for more than 30 years. Its primary purpose is to advise and assist students in the preparation for careers in law.​

The CMU Law Center provides the following services:

  • Pre-Law Advising
  • Assistance in preparing law school applications
  • Preparation workshops for the LSAT
  • Practice LSATs
  • Law school bulletins, newsletters, etc.
  • Recent news from LSAC (Law School Admission Council)
  • Networking with other pre-law students (through Phi Alpha Delta pre-law fraternity)

Please read the information below and visit the following Law Center links for more information about the Pre-Law program at CMU.

What do Law Schools Look for in Applicants?

In general, a law school admissions committee looks at two things first: undergraduate grades and the LSAT score. These two factors are the main ones which will determine your chances of acceptance at most law schools. Also important are recommendations, extracurricular activities, special talents, etc., but grades and the LSAT are the prime factors. So whatever program you choose in college, it is important that you strive for good grades. If you are a bit slow in learning, then study hard every day. Tears won’t erase poor grades when you apply to law school.


The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is a three and one-half hour aptitude test designed to predict how well a pre-law student will do in law school. It tests the examinee in reading comprehension and logical and analytical reasoning, and is required by virtually every law school in North America. The test may be taken more than once, and the scores received may be treated in various ways depending on the law school. The LSAT is administered nationally four times per year at many sites, including the CMU testing center. Information concerning the LSAT may be obtained from the Law Center, or by visiting www.lsac.org.

Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity

Phi Alpha Delta is an academic pre-law fraternity of students who are interested in careers in law. For information regarding Phi Alpha Delta, contact the Law Center or the Phi Alpha Delta office in the University Center.

One Last Word

You do not have to be a backslapping extrovert to be a good lawyer. Many of the most able, successful attorneys are quiet, soft spoken people. Brains, training, learning, the ability to communicate, technical skill, and hard work are what count. In law school, your success will depend largely upon your ability to reason, your skill in writing, and your general background and training from high school and college – plus hard work.

Whatever you do at CMU, do it well. Good Luck!

Contact Information

Law Center Director
Kyla Stepp, Ph.D., J.D.
Anspach Hall 203
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