Benefits to the Discipline

By facilitating cross-campus research on our pedagogies and civic engagement efforts, the Consortium provides a number of benefits for the political science discipline.

  • The Consortium will facilitate SoTL research with larger N and more diverse populations of subjects, which will increase the number of significant findings from our scholarly efforts.
  • It will also enhance the external validity of SoTL research, as we produce more generalizable knowledge. 
  • These strengths will increase the amount of high-quality, publishable SoTL research, which will enhance the profile of SoTL research with our colleagues in the political science discipline.
  • These strengths will also enhance our ability to compete for large grants.
  • The Consortium will make it more feasible for teacher-scholars at colleges with heavy teaching loads to participate in cutting-edge SoTL research. 
  • Hence the Consortium will enhance teacher-scholars’ visibility within the discipline’s journals and at its professional meetings.
  • The emphasis on SoTL will also provide insight into best practices, with the potential to improve teaching effectiveness across the discipline.


Benefits to Individual Political Scientists

The Consortium also provides an array benefits directly to individual participants.

  • Teacher scholars interested in conducting original SoTL research will gain access to students, classes, and campuses beyond their own.
  • These resources will enhance publication and grant opportunities, which will help individual scholars gain respect and visibility for their research.
  • Teacher scholars can participate in on-going projects in order to gain access to data about their own campuses and students.  This data can be used in internal assessment reports, as well as for academic presentations and publications focused on a single classroom or campus.
  • Participation in the Consortium can help political scientists meet teaching, research and service requirements for tenure and promotion. (Although how participation “counts” will vary from one institution to another, the co-directors and project coordinators will provide letters documenting participants’ involvement).
  • The Consortium will provide also provide access to a supportive network for sharing ideas and knowledge.