Book Cover for Governance and Public Management​2014
Publisher: Routledge
Edited by: Charles Conteh, Thomas Greitens, David Jesuit, and Ian Roberge

This book addresses the premise that the key difference between success and failure for most governance systems is the ability to resolve existing social, cultural, economic and environmental challenges that constrain adaptation.  Local, regional and national systems differ in how they are designed to organize effective participation and in how they create innovative ideas for missions, goals, strategies and actions. They also differ in how they build effective coalitions needed to adopt, guide, and protect strategies and actions during implementation as well as build competence and knowledge to sustain implementation.  The book presents the strategic foundations for government’s role in fostering, managing and adapting to societal transformation in a volatile world.  

Book cover for Making Multilevel Public Management Work2013
Edited by: Denita Cepiku, David K. Jesuit, and Ian Roberge

A collaboration from scholars involved with the Transnational Initiative on Governance Research and Education, this book brings together two strands of literature--multilevel governance and public management--and draws conclusions on practices of public management in multilevel governance settings.  It underscores factors essential to making multilevel public management work, namely coordination and collaboration, and new skills and leadership capacities.