Image of Carlin Borsheim-Black
Position: Associate Professor
​Department: English Language and Literature
Campus Address: Anspach 229
Office Phone: 989-774-3237
Curriculum Vitae: Curriculum Vitae

ENG 311 Teaching Literature in Secondary Schools
ENG 315 Teaching Writing in the Elementary and Middle School
ENG 508 Argumentative Writing
ENG 580 Young Adult Literature
ENG 582 Cultural Pluralism in Children's and Young Adult Literature

​Degrees and Universities

2012​    Ph.D. Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education
            Michigan State University, Department of Teacher Education 

2006   M.A. Critical Studies in the Teaching of English
            Michigan State University, Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Culture 

1999    B.A. English Education
            Minnesota State University: Moorhead, College of Education 

1997    B.A. English and Mass Communications
            Minnesota State University: Moorhead, College of Arts & Letters ​

Recent Publications​


Juzwik, M.M., Borsheim-Black, C., Caughlan, S., & Heintz, A. (2013). Inspiring talk: Putting student
             voices at the core of English teaching. New York: Teachers College Press.

Refereed Journal Articles 

Borsheim-Black, C. (2015). “It’s pretty much white”: Challenges and opportunities of an antiracist
             approach to literature instruction in a multilayered white context. Research in the
             Teaching of English
, 49(4), 407 – 429. 

Borsheim-Black. C. (2015). Reading pop culture and young adult literature through a youth Lens.
             English Journal. 104(3), 29 – 34. 

Borsheim-Black, C., Macaluso, M., & Petrone, R. (2014). Introducing critical literature pedagogy:
             Teaching canonical literature for critical literacy. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy,
              58(2), 123-133. 

Caughlan, S., Juzwik, M.M., Borsheim-Black, C., Kelly, S., & Fine, J.G. (2013). English teacher
             candidates’ developing dialogically organized instructional practices. Research in the
             Teaching of English, 47(3), 212-242. ​

Juzwik, M. M., Sherry, M., Caughlan, S., Heintz, A., & Borsheim, C. (2012). Supporting dialogically
             organized instruction in an English teacher preparation program: A videobased, web 2.0-
             mediated response and revision pedagogy. Teachers College Record, 114(3). 

Heintz, A., Borsheim, C., Caughlan, S., Juzwik, M. M., & Sherry, M. B. (2010). Video-based response
             & revision: Dialogic instruction using video and web 2.0 technologies. Contemporary
             Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 10(2). Retrieved from

Borsheim, C., Merritt, K., and Reed, D. (2008). Beyond technology for technology’s sake:
             Advancing multiliteracies in the 21st century. The Clearinghouse, 82(2), 87-90. 

Borsheim, C. and Petrone, R. (2006). Teaching the research paper for local action. English Journal
              95(4), 60-65. Borsheim, C. (2004). Email partnerships: Conversations that changed the
              way my students read. English Journal 93(5), 78-83. 

Book Chapters 

Petrone, R. and Borsheim, C. (2008). “It just seems to be more intelligent”: Critical literacy in the
             English classroom. In Larraine Wallowitz (Ed.) Critical literacy as resistance: Teaching for
             social justice across the secondary curriculum. New York: Peter Lang Publishing. 

Book Reviews 

Borsheim, C. (2008). Book review of America’s Unseen Kids: Teaching English Language Arts in|
             Today’s Forgotten High Schools
by Harold M. Foster & Megan Nosol. Portsmouth, NH:
             Heinemann. Education Review. http://edrev.asu.edu/ ​