Image of Matthew Roberson
  • Position:  Professor of English
  • Campus Address: Anspach 208
  • Phone: (989) 774-2585
  • Email:

Areas of Expertise

  • Fiction Writing
  • Postmodern American literature
  • Cultural Studies


Matthew Roberson is the author of three novels, 1998.6,  Impotent​, and List, all from FC2.  He also edited the collection, Musing the Mosaic: Approaches to Ronald Sukenick, from SUNY Press.  His short fiction has appeared in Fourteen HillsFiction InternationalClackamas Literary ReviewWestern Humanities ReviewMcSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and others.   

Courses taught

ENG 134: Introduction to Literature
ENG 201: Intermediate Composition
ENG 234: Introduction to Literary Analysis
ENG 294: Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG 391: Creative Writing: Fiction
ENG 491: Advanced Fiction Writing
ENG 535: History of Literary Criticism
ENG 622: Graduate Seminar in Contemporary Fiction
ENG 691: Graduate Seminar: Writing Fiction
ENG 694: The Craft of Fiction

Degrees and Universities

  • Ph.D., U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • MA, Penn State University
  • BA, Binghamton University (SUNY)