Areas of expertise

  • Studies in Willa Cather
  • Holistic Education
  • Spirituality in Composition Studies
  • Film Studies
  • Creative Nonfiction

Courses taught

ENG 101: Freshman Composition
ENG 134: Introduction to Literature
ENG 201: Intermediate Composition
ENG 234: Introduction to Literary Analysis
ENG 251: American Literature: Colonial through the Romantic Period
ENG 252: American Literature: Realistic Period to the Present
ENG 301: Nonfiction Writing
ENG 303: Technical Writing
ENG 326: The Literary Dimensions of Film
ENG 460: Senior Seminar
ENG 539: Seminar in Major Nonfiction Writers
ENG 601: Graduate Composition 
ENG 615: Problems in Teaching English
ENG 638: Seminar in Textual Analysis and Editing
ENG 656: Seminar in American Literature

Degrees and Universities 

Wayne State University:  M.A. in English; Ph.D. in English
MaryGrove College; B.A. in English, Secondary Education Certification

Recent Publications 

"A Manifesto of Holistic Education:  A Declaration for Unity and Personal Choice." The                                    International Handbook in Holistic Education.  Eds. John P. Miller, et al. Routhledge Press.                  Forthcoming, 2018.

"Remembering Kate Bates: Another "New Woman."  Introduction.  A Daughter of the Land.                            Gene Stratton-Porter. Hastings, NE: Hastings College Press, 2016.

"When Beauty Guides Learning".  The Art of Noticing Deeply:  Commentaries on Teaching,                             Learning and Mindfulness.  Eds. David Buley, Jan Buley and Rupert Collister. Cambridge                      Publishing, 2016.

 "Traversing Rhetorical Borders of Spirituality in Public Education."  In Crossing Boarders/Drawing               Boundaries: The Rhetoric of Lines Across America. Eds. Patti Wojahn and Barbara Couture.                 Utah State University Press. Forthcoming.  January, 2016.

"The Dance of Spirit in AEPL." JAEPL, Vol 20, Winter 2014-15.

"Introduction."  Alexander's Bridge. Willa Cather.  Hastings, NE:  Hastings College Press, 2015.

“Introduction” to: The Influence of Intraracial Class and Color Bias in African American Popular                     Culture: A Study in Literature and Film. Dolores V. Sisco.  Edward Mellen Books, 2013.

“Nature Writing and Popular Culture in Gene Stratton-Porter’s The Keeper of the Bees.” Mid                         America.  The Yearbook of the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature, Spring 2012. 

“A Pragmatic Theory of Hope for Teaching My Antonia.” Teaching Cather. 2013.

“Cather’s Anodyne of Hope in Shadows on the Rock: Cecile Dispenses and Receives” MidAmerica.             The yearbook of the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature. 2009.

"Creating the Joyful Writer: Introducing Holistic Experiences to the Classroom." Lanham:
            Maryland, Rowman & Littlefield Education. 2007.