Ruhr Universität - Bochum, Germany

Image of Bochum, Germany

"My experience in Bochum recalled, to a certain extent, the historical backdrop that we find in literature. Not necessarily explicit locations found in the English cannon, but locations that had that same sort of spirit; there were so many places that were steeped in the cultural significance that we often find ourselves so fascinated with in our studies of literatures, which contributed to the studying of English literature there: the history and culture felt more tangible there.

Studying English literature at Ruhr University was academically distinct as well as environmentally distinct. I was able to view the English language and literary works through the lens of a different culture. Being able to see the different perspectives through which my field was studied allowed me to see how the English cannon (/works of literature—I don't want to beat that term to death, but I guess that could be better to make this more broadly applicable to people in comparative lit studies, etc.?) interacted with and intersected with different cultures, and how different facets of human experience and knowledge were communicated to them. As such, I was provided with a deeper understanding of how literature functions in the world as a whole, and how it promotes communication and mutual understanding cultures." --Joey Payne, English major and CMU Writing Center Consultant