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Twenty-first century English teachers play a critical role in preparing middle and high school students to become critical, empathetic, engaged citizens of communities, workplaces, and the world. A B.S. in Education: English Major from CMU prepares students with deep and versatile knowledge of literature, language, composition, and pedagogy so student teachers and graduates of the program enter the classroom prepared to meet the needs of diverse learners. 

Extensive Classroom Experience

English teacher candidates accumulate 60+ hours of classroom experience before student teaching. Students have opportunities to work one-on-one with English Language Learners, conference with middle school readers in after-school programs, respond to student writing in a digital environment, and co-teach in a local English classroom during an immersive pre-student teaching experience. Students have the opportunity to choose to student teach in diverse areas across the state of Michigan, around the country, or in other parts of the world.

Innovative Curriculum

The English Education curriculum is recently re-designed to better reflect the current educational landscape. Coursework emphasizes meeting the needs of linguistically and culturally diverse learners, motivating students with quality reading and writing methods, navigating digital literacies and learning environments, as well as teaching for social justice. Click here for more information about our major, or here for information on the minor.

A Supportive Learning Community

A student in this program joins a strong community of English Educators. A small group of dedicated faculty members work alongside students in and out of the classroom. Extracurricular opportunities include joining a nationally-recognized professional student organization, attending and presenting at professional conferences at the state and national level, and networking with practicing teachers through the Chippewa River Writing Project.

Experienced Faculty

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Dr. Carlin Borsheim-Black           Dr. Elizabeth Brockman                  Dr. Amy Ford