​​​By choosing English as a major, second major, or minor, you are opening up endless possibilities for yourself. What a degree in English really teaches you is to think and write well--skills that make you marketable in many different areas.

The English program at Central Michigan University offers you a well-rounded background that will help you prepare for a variety of careers. Our English major graduates go on to work in a variety of fields including law, education, business, publishing, marketing, information technology, and countless other fields.​​ The ability to apply an English degree to multiple careers stems from the skills obtained in the program:

  • Think critically and solve problems
  • Communicate clearly, critically, and creatively
  • Interpret and analyze text, speech data
  • Edit your writing, as well as others
  • Collaborate with colleagues and clients on projects
While preparing our students for their chosen vocations, the study of English also cultivates a love of reading, thinking, and the virtues of learning as a way of life.​ But you don't have to take our word for it: even the BBC has articles on "Why 'worthless' humanities degrees may set you up for life."

Contact the English Department at english@cmich.edu today to find how a degree in English can fit your career path.