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The Department of English Language and Literature offers two basic programs: teaching and non-teaching. Each of these broad programs include World Literature, Creative Writing, or an emphasis on secondary or elementary English education. Each program requires between 39 and 43 hours for a major and 24 to 28 hours for a minor, depending on the choice and emphasis.

Students who elect to major or minor in English should declare this intention before the end of their sophomore year. Junior transfer students should declare during their first semester on campus. The department assigns advisors to aid students in their major/minor program planning and to authorize programs for graduation and teacher preparation.

Degrees available for English Majors

English Major: Secondary

  • BS in Education, Secondary Provisional Certification
  • BS in Education, Secondary Provisional Certification, with Emotional or Cognitive Impairment Endorsement (K-12) – Two Major Option
  • BS in Education, Secondary Provisional Certification: MLE Option

English Literatures, Language and Writing Major, Minor

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science, Plan A: Select Major, Optional Minor
  • Bachelor of Science, Plan B: All Majors, Select Minors

English as a Second Language (ESL) Minor

  • B.S. in Education, Provisional Elementary or Secondary Certification

List of English minors

  • English as a Second Language Minor, Teaching
  • English Minor, Non-Teaching
  • English Minor, Teaching Secondary

English Certificates

For information on English certificates available to students of any major, click here.

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