The following student groups are affiliated with the Department of English Language and Literature at Central Michigan University.

ESLA - English as a Second Language Association

Advisor: Tracy Davis

​The Fiction Collective

Advisor: Darrin Doyle
​Facebook: ​CMU Fiction Collective​

​NCTE - ​​​​National Council of the Teachers of English

Advisor: Carlin Borsheim-Black
President: Gabrielle Buttazzoni
Website: NCTE @ CMU
Facebook: NCTE at CMU​

​​​The Poets Collective​​

Advisor:  Robert Fanning
Facebook: ​The Poet's Collective!

​​Sigma Tau Delta

Advisor: Nicole Sparling Barco
President: Majenta Robinson 
Vice President: Ellaree Wachter
Facebook: Sigma Tau Delta--CMU Sigma Tau Delta Chapter


Advisor: Matt Roberson
Facebook: Temenos Journal​

​Word Hammer - Slam Poetry

Advisor: Anne Hiebert Alton
Facebook:  ​​​​CMU Word Hammer​

The Writing Circle

Advisor: Dan Lawson
President: Joseph Payne
Facebook: ​The Writing Circle at CMU​​