Who We Are

Temenos is Central Michigan University's literary journal. Founded in 2000, Temenos is staffed by CMU graduate student volunteers. We publish poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and art and photography by both new and established writers and artists. With the support of the CMU English department and other donors, we have widened our readership nationally and internationally, and expanded our webpage at temenosjournal.com.

The Greek word temenos refers both to the ancient Greek concept of sacred space and the Jungian "safe spot" where one may bring the unconscious into the light of consciousness. Our mission at Temenos is to bring to light works that are engaging, memorable, and fearless. Toward this goal, Temenos publishes two editions per year, both in a limited-edition print format and digitally, on our website. 

Ways to Get Involved

  • Submit your work to our journal! Our current Call for Submissions and submission guidelines can be found on our website at temenosjournal.com, under the Submit tab.
  • Come to the readings that Temenos hosts once a semester. Typically these readings are open mics, so come to read your work and listen to others!
  • Check out our online editions from the past several years. Our website has a store, so support us further by buying a digital or print edition from the past several years.  
  • Check out and share our web content. We publish interviews with authors and poets on our website, as well as contributor meditations.
  • Join our staff!

Thinking About Joining our Staff?

Eligibility & How to Apply

  • Staff must be currently enrolled graduate students at Central Michigan University, in any department or discipline.
  • You need an interest in editing and publishing.
  • If you are interested, email the Temenos staff with your application at temenoscmu@gmail.com. Your application should include a resume, cover letter, and a portfolio of your work, depending on your concentration.

Want more info on Temenos?

Email us at temenoscmu@gmail.com

Visit our website at http://www.temenosjournal.com/

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